Pre K.G. & K.G.

In our school the process of identifying a student’s strengths and areas to improve start at an early age i.e Pre-K.G. and K.G. level. We use a healthy combination of Montessori and Play-way methods to nurture inherent qualities of children so they can mature in a fun way. Our carefully designed, neat and spacious, brightly coloured classrooms with matted floors, and appealing materials of different shapes, colours and textures help children increase their cognitive powers through well structured work schedules. Children are able to develop freely within the structure and develop a sense of order and independence.

A lot of the learning exercises at this stage is combined with child-centric, informal play activities to develop psychomotor functions and make learning a fun activity. A sample of activities conducted in this regard are:

Fresher’s Day

Colours Day


Fruits and Vegetables Day

Sensory Organs Day

Grandparents' Day

Dough Making Day

Twins Day

Balloon day

Kite Day and etc

Each class has a trained faculty for guidance and a full-time helper for the necessary attention for the child. Their work and play schedules are basic academic training in alphabets, numbers, writing and the ability to think through tasks. This makes the child’s transition from the Kindergarten years to the Primary School, a natural and stress-free process.

Admissions at the Pre-K.G. and K.G. level is for ages between 2.5 and 5 years. Interested parents can read the admissions procedure and bring their child to the school for an evaluation for appropriate placement within the Kindergarten program.