Students interested in photography can learn about the basic skills involved in directing, shooting and editing from our teachers. Using these skills, some of our children have created short films on socially and politically relevant topics such as child labor, road safety and the Right to Information Act. Keep checking this space for photos and videos by our students and teachers.

Photography is a delightful relaxation and has shown to be very popular among our children. Our vibrant campus and surroundings provide many areas where children can develop an eye for photography. Children can also learn the technicalities involved in digital photography. The objective of the club is to encourage photography among the children and create a space for anyone who has to meet and share their ideas and experiences. The club organizes various lectures, demonstrations, and competitions. We welcome everyone from the school with an interest in photography to join the club and explore their hidden potential. Some beautiful stills from our campus are given below.

A picture is worth a thousand words.