Labs & Library

We offer the following laboratory facilities for practical work and applications of in-class content so students get a hands-on experiences in languages, science, mathematics and computer science.

Language Lab

Special language laboratories are conducted to help children hone their verbal/written skills. Practice sessions under language teachers are conducted where students have the opportunity to improve vocabulary and fluency through interaction with their peers. We also have computer based language labs where students can learn English speaking from native English speaking tutors.

Science Lab

Geethaanjali offers fully equipped and spacious science laboratories in adherence with CBSE safety guidelines. Laboratories are designed with modern equipment, updated charts and specimen to ensure better learning outcomes.

Pre-planned curriculum based on CBSE syllabus is used to provide students with a more hands-on experience.

Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics lab is designed to develop and promote student’s problem solving skills. Lab exercises are meticulously designed for each class, which are administered by experienced teachers and students can engage in cooperative experiences. The Mathematics lab also creates avenues to apply mathematical principles to solve real world problems through specially designed tasks.

Computer Lab

Our computer laboratory with numerous computers each updated with Windows 8 gives each student adequate hands-on experience. Current software such as Microsoft Office, C/C++, PYTHON, HTML, Adobe Photoshop and Premiere are available to students on these machines. Specially trained tutors monitor and conduct regular classes based on CBSE curriculum and provide students with the opportunity of learning-by-doing through various school projects and co-curricular requirements. All computers have internet access.

Social Science Lab

Geethaanjali’s Social Science lab acts as an activity room for children and teachers as it combines academic experience with vivid knowledge, makes learning constructive and enthusiastic. It provides children various options to understand better and to increase their cognitive and cooperative learning.

Young pathfinders enrich their understanding and learn to investigate how social science is embedded in our everyday lives.

  • Every year, we have our school elections to reveal the future leaders inside us to learn the very spirit of democracy at the grass root level.

  • Mock sessions of Parliament in Geethaanjali develops an insight into the working of Parliament.

  • To enhance class room education, we regularly organise field trips & tours to Archaeological site, Monuments, NASA, ISRO, Islands, Museums & Places of Cultural Heritage.

  • Participate in Mock UN Assembly and represent as delegates of different countries and made paper presentations.

  • Brain storming sessions and Talk show on current hot topics like Politics, Economics and World Affairs.


The library at Geethaanjali houses an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and news papers that cater to all age groups in the school. Currently we have subscriptions to over 30 periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers). The library currently has a collection of more than 10,000 books covering various categories, languages and subjects. The collection is growing every year due to the book purchase program in the school and due to contributions from faculty, children, and parents. Such contributions are always welcome at Geethaanjali.

Library Rules:

  • All staffs and students are members of the library.

  • Strict silence should be observed in the library.

  • Marking, Underlining or Damage to the books is strictly prohibited.

  • Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.

  • Books that are damaged or wrongly handled will have to be paid for or replaced at the cost by the parent.