Student Leadership Body

There are numerous opportunities available in Geethaanjali to nurture and develop leadership skills. The student leadership body consists of house leaders, the student cabinet, and sports and events captains. The student leaders are involved in several aspects of student discipline and organization.

  • Academics

  • Sports

  • Co-curricular activities

  • Discipline

  • Cleanliness

  • Food & Health

  • Social activities

The President and house leaders can also be sitting members in the school disciplinary committee at the behest of the Principal.

The captains for sport and co-curricular events are appointed based on skill level and leadership potential.

Student Election 2019 – 20

The program’s goal is

  • to bring out their leadership qualities.

  • to teach children about the voting process and their democratic right to vote, create informed future voters

  • to encourage students to have their say on the decisions that affect their lives now and in the future.

  • to learn about their rights, duties, and responsibilities in a school and to develop understandings of how they can influence what happens in their school and community.

  • to create a future of active, engaged citizens.

  • to develop their caliber in organizing student activities and events.