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Desilting of Palanigoundampalayam Lake



Cleaning the market

Blood donation camp

Eradication of plastics campaign

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Geethaanjali’s role in the local community goes beyond its role as an academic institution. We pride ourselves on our outreach programs as a means to give back to our community through continuous effort to create positive changes. Our students, staff and management are closely involved in numerous socially relevant activities all through the year.

Geethaanjalians always come forward and contribute their time, energy and skills for many social activities like desilting the water bodies, planting trees around the city and school campus, donating books to the public libraries, cleaning and painting the public walls and food and clothes for underprivileged. They get to interact with people who have completely varied backgrounds which helps them to learn patience and empathy.

Here is an overview of some of our recent initiatives:

  • Desilting of Palanigoundampalayam Lake -

The ultimate goal of the project was reached by training the children and civilians to store rainwater during the seasonal rainfalls and to prevent wastage of water. It is our duty to practice stewardship towards our natural resources by keeping them alive forever.

  • About three lakh rupees contributed to “Smile Foundation”.

  • Nearly 200 donors were brought together at our school on “The World Blood Donors Day” and 50 units of blood were collected.

  • An organ donation camp was organized by interact club in association with Kalyani Kidney Care Centre to bring together about 2500 donors in a span of 10 days.

In a bid to educate our students about environmental issues and to raise global awareness of the need to take positive action, we celebrate World Environment Day with various activities that require student and staff involvement. Some initiatives that were taken by us so far:

  • Distribution of 50000 paper and cloth bags prepared by Geethaanjali to the public at 50 prime locations in the city to reinforce the idea of using bio-degradable goods.

  • Van Mahotsav which is an annual tree-planting festival is observed every year. 2000 saplings were distributed by Geethaanjali.

  • Internal competitions are organized every year to give children an opportunity to learn and spread awareness about current social and environmental issues such as global peace, water conservation, protection of endangered species, and pollution. Students choose a medium of their liking (drawing, poems, and essay) to express their views on how to tackle these issues.

  • Dresses were distributed to underprivileged children on the occasion of Diwali celebration.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information

but makes our life in harmony with all existence..

– Rabindranath Tagore