Literary Activities

This program is designed to develop a love for literature and promoting literary activities in the school.

Internal competitions expose students to:

      • spelling bee

      • brain storming

      • Thirukkural recitation

      • just-a-minute

      • memory check

      • extempore

      • quiz

Theme based poem and essay writing competitions organized by the club allows students to express their views on all aspects.

DEAR period’ – 'Drop Everything And Read' is an everyday joyful reading time 10 minutes before lunch.

The Literary Club is a place where children can come together to read, write and speak. This club is active throughout the year with wealth of learning in a fun way. These activities encourage the creative skills to become a writer or an orator. Club members meet to discuss recently read books and the craft of writing. Some members share their writings, therefore they initiate many discussions and offer suggestions.

The Literary Club is more than just a club for reading, writing and speaking; it is also a place where children can come to share their insights on history, culture, politics, life, and school issues.

The theme for this year is “READ & REALISE”