Mr. P M Gopalan

Chairman's Message

Geethaanjali was started with a mission to bring top-quality education to Erode. Over the years, with a dedicated team of teachers and administrators, we have developed into top-class institution. With the growth in human knowledge and experience, the nature of education has changed leading to the evolution of newer and effective methods of teaching. In the more recent past, there have been big improvements in the techniques and tools used to impart school education. At Geethaanjali, we embrace this change and take the initiative to utilize these newer and effective methods and technologies to provide the best-in-class education. We have been a model school to take these bold steps forward and will continue to have the provision of quality education as our top priority.

With my humble beginnings, there are many things that I was not fortunate enough to experience as a child/student. But today, I am able to live my dreams through the children of our school. My wish is that Geethaanjali continues this progress and provides top-quality education for all.